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Susan Wright SG-308

My details: : 57 y/o, married to Gilbert for 20 yrs this past May, blended family, children at home Lance 17 y/o Senior at Tosa East. Remaining 6 are adult children, all 30 and above :) Pets: Simon the cat, friendly. We live on boarder of Tosa/Milw 2 blocks north of Mt. Mary University. I have been blessed to be a in personal relationship with Jesus the Christ, my Lord, for many years. But, He never ceases to amaze, to push and to grow me. I love to talk with people at all points in there faith walk about Jesus. It is a privilege to learn, pray and fellowship with other believers. I'm excited to delve into the book 2 Corinthians with our group. Coffee regular and decaf will be served !
On Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM
Wright, Susan

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